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ESSAY about bulling other pupils


Im writing this essay because I think you’ve got to know the fucking truth about the daily living in school …there are so many pupils who’re getting bullied by other pupils. They’ve got no reasons to bully them, but this doesn’t matter. Well you know, if someone doesn’t look good or is too fat or sth. like that, then you’re an outsider. Damn shit, why can’t they accept them, like they are?! I think that the today’s influence is too big, the children haven’t got their own opinion of something. If someone doesn’t like another person, then he tells that his friend. His friend would agree with the opinion of his friend, ‘cause he doesn’t want to lose his friend. And so on… then after a few days, you can become the most hatest guy at school. But how crazy is this? I mean why are people doing things like this? I can’t understand it.

Its so cruel what they’re doing with others. They’re doing jokes on you, hurt you, they bully you!

They say you’re a nothing…and day by day you’re getting smaller and smaller. You aren’t self-confident anymore, you’re just a mocking- bird!

You can’t talk to ur parents, because your dad is always drunken, and your mom won’t understand you. And what about telling friends? Well, you have no. Tears are running down your face. You don’t know what to do anymore. You’ve no one around you. You’re all alone. Damn! And then? Yeah …what then? Killing yourself? Maybe…who knows… but hey - you have to stand up!!! You’ve gotta fight! Of course words can bring you down, but remember you can speak too…


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